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Lower Back Pain

Barron Chiropractic & Rehabilitation in Boston is fully qualified to offer a variety of treatments for lower back pain (LBP), herniated discs and sciatica (leg pain). Common causes of back pain include: insidious onset of back pain, car crashes (mva's), work and sports injuries.

We offer chiropractic manipulation, which includes side posture, diversified, SOT, activator methods, and other techniques.

Physical therapies include strength and endurance training, speed and balance training.

We also apply myofascial therapy to treat lower back pain. These include

  • Massage
  • Trigger point
  • Muscle energy
  • Stretching

Lumbar Traction

VAX-D Lumbar TractionWe can provide a specialized form of lumbar traction often referred to as IDD (Internal Disc Decompression) or VAX-D (vertebral axial-Distraction). This advanced form of intermittent traction helps to hydrate, lubricate and provide nutrients to herniated discs. This lower back pain treatment has been shown in scientific studies to be remarkable effective (86%-95% success rates). Insurance may cover all or part of the treatment.

We may also recommend low level laser therapy (LLLT).


Traction and laser treatments can be expensive in many other clinics. We keep our prices affordable.  Traction or laser can cost as low as $60/treatment when combined with chiropractic office visits. 

Most studies on disc injuries and traction recommend 20 treatments at three times per week. 

Many chronic (non-disc) back pain patients will be satisfied with their progress at 10 visits and may not need regular appointments afterwards. This treatment program provides a substantial saving compared to paying for each service. It also guarantees the full serve of treatment that you deserve. Many clinics charge as much as $100/laser treatment and $150/traction treatment and this does not even include chiropractic adjustments, exercises or nutritional advice.