SpineCor Dynamic Scoliosis Bracing Now Available in Massachusetts

Barron Chiropractic & Rehabilitation P.C. now offers SpineCor dynamic scoliosis bracing, a non-invasive treatment for scoliosis. It is the only office in Massachusetts that offers this service.

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a medical condition in which a person's spine is curved from side to side; in other words, the spine curves away from the middle or sideways. It may require metal rods. The following x-ray shows the spine of an individual with scoliosis.


In the case of the most common form of scoliosis, adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, there is no clear cause, although it's believed that genetics play a role.

For more information about scoliosis, see the Wikipedia entry.

How is Scoliosis Treated?

Many doctors first try to treat scoliosis with uncomfortable rigid braces; if these braces do not work, they often resort to complicated surgery, which involves the insertion of metal rods. In many cases, neither of these approaches are necessary. What is the best non-surgical solution?

SpineCor dynamic scoliosis bracing

Why Dynamic Scoliosis Bracing Is Your Best Non-Surgical Option

Dynamic scoliosis bracing is the first and only non-rigid corrective bracing for idiopathic scoliosis. The SpineCor system is manufactured by the SpineCorporation. The brace can be worn unnoticeably under clothes. It improves affected muscle groups and allows the patient to participate in all sports while wearing the brace. The company recommends that children with idiopathic adolescent scoliosis wear it during the peak period of skeletal growth.

More advantages of dynamic scoliosis bracing include:

  • Initial pain relief. Adults with back pain due to scoliosis often get rapid pain relief when they begin wearing a SpineCor dynamic scoliosis brace.
  • Strength development. The SpineCor dynamic scoliosis brace strengthens, rather than weakens muscles like rigid bracing often does.

The following picture shows a person wearing a SpineCor dynamic scoliosis brace.

SpineCor dyanmic scoliosis brace

The SpineCor dynamic scoliosis brace was first available in Massachusetts at the Boston office of Barron Chiropractic:

Barron Chiropractic Boston Office
(north of Milton line)
1520 Blue Hill Ave.
Boston, MA 02126

The office takes digital x-rays to determine the extent of the scoliosis. If appropriate, the office provides exercise programs onsite.

Call for information on pricing and appointments:
1-617-298-NECK (6325)

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